Post Graduate Studies - General Information


What is Postgraduate Study ?

Postgraduate study refers to the range of courses and research that are available to students who have completed a first degree at university. Some courses that come under the postgraduate label include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Masters (by coursework or research)
  • Doctorate
  • Professional Doctorate
  • Post-Doctoral studies

There are in fact many benefits one can gain from having a post-grad degree. Regardless of the public misconceptions, these benefits are not mere myths.

Having a post-grad degree would certainly increase your job prospects. Some would argue that having a post-grad degree would mean that a person is more specialized in a field of study, thus narrowing jobs to a specific field. The argument is not wrong, however.
You should look for a job suitable to your field of study, regardless of whether you have a post-grad degree or not. Unless you are looking for a job which is not related to your studies, you'll find that there are plenty of job opportunities to go around and about.

Compared to when you were in your undergrad studies, the knowledge and exposure you'll receive during your post-grad studies are somewhat significantly more. With the additional exposure, this would definitely give you an edge compared to what you have back then.
When a country shifts from being a manufacturing country to being a more technologically advanced country, more researches have to be conducted, and more post-grad holders would be required in this process. Having a post-graduate degree would prepare you in the turns of event in the future.

Regardless of whether you intend to further your studies in the future, know that having a post-grad degree brings many benefits.

Postgraduate study involves hard work and commitment, but success can bring with it a range of benefits, some personal, some professional and some financial. These include: Vocational training for a a professional career, e.g. Postgraduate Certificate in Education; improved career and promotion prospects; the chance to change career direction; intellectual development; and access to all of the University's excellent facilities
Research degrees are commonly undertaken with a view to an academic or research career. Taught master's, certificates and diplomas have a wide range of vocational objectives and can bring together themes from a number of disciplines

Probably the only setback during your pursue for a better qualification is the time, money and effort you'll have to sacrifice. Know that nothing comes free in our lives.

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